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Professional Development

AAIC offers professional development workshops that clearly focus on the challenges private and religious educational institutions educators encounter.  Each workshop is specifically designed to address the needs of the classroom instructors which have been identified by the administrator.  To ensure the implementation of relevant professional development, a needs assessment is administered to emphasize the areas of concern for participating staff.

All workshops are conducted by highly qualified presenters with years of experience working with struggling students and their teachers in order to improve students’ academic achievement.

Each workshop incorporates real-world activities and discussion that encourages teachers to apply newly learned ideas to their everyday classroom situations.  Certificates are issued on completion of each workshop.

AAIC’s professional development focuses on reflective practice which is an integrated way of thinking and acting focused on learning and behavioral change. AAIC builds on scientifically-based research to improve student academic achievement. The learning professional development program addresses the following:


  • Improving the knowledge of teachers, principals, and other personnel in core academic subjects and in effective instructional teaching strategies, methods and skills.

  • Improving teachers’ skills in addressing specialized populations including students with disabilities, students with limited English Proficiency (LEP), and academically gifted students.

  • Improving leadership and management skills among principals and teacher leaders.

As a result of the professional development activities, teachers and staff are expected to:


  • Increase their understanding of factors associated with student academic achievement in reading and mathematics

  • Draw from an array of learning theories and practices to address students’ learning styles

  • Implement differentiated learning strategies to address the needs of students


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