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Instructional Supplemental Education

In providing instructional services to eligible students (with and without disabilities) attending nonpublic schools, AAIC utilizes standards-based instructional materials to supplement the materials utilized during classroom instruction.  AAIC’s policy is to conduct a pre-assessment of students’ skills to determine their specific areas of deficit and mastery.  The pre-assessment is used to develop individual tutorial plans for students which are monitored regularly.  A post-assessment is administered to measure each student’s academic growth and achievement.

Supplemental instruction services in reading address the common core standards and include instruction in word knowledge, comprehension, phonemic awareness, fluency, and writing.  Instruction includes explicit, teacher-directed activities and engaging student activities.

Supplemental instructional services in mathematics address number sense, estimation and measurement, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.  Activities include problem solving, mathematics reasoning, and making connections in accordance with the four processes outlined in the mathematics standards.


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