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An integral part of intervention with youth is the active involvement of parents and guardians.  The NCLB Act is designed to give parents more information and choices in their child’s education.  Often times the course of the intervention requires that parents and/or guardians interact in an individual or group format.  Planned efforts provide the greatest opportunity for parent involvement and student achievement.  With this goal in mind, AAIC offers parent workshops and training in a variety of areas, including the following:


  • Literacy Development

  • Test Preparation for Parents

  • School-Home Connections and Communications

AAIC believes that in order to effectively address the needs of parents, a parent self-assessment must be completed and workshops must be planned to address the topics of greatest need or interest in relation to supporting parents’ success of their child’s academic achievement.

AAIC supports partnership among the NCLB Title I schools, parents, and the community to improve students’ academic achievement.


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