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The youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow.

Specializing in Private and Religious School Supplemental Educational Services

AAIC believes that every student should have an opportunity to have high-quality educational experiences and excel to his or her highest level through appropriate academic instruction and support.  With the provision of supplemental education, AAIC believes success can be achieved.  AAIC is committed to enhancing the quality of education and designing effective services tailored to meet each educational institution’s specific needs.  AAIC is prepared to be responsible and responsive to the educational institution’s needs and its eligible Title I students’ academic progression.  AAIC’s program of activities is inclusive and allows for the participation of students with disabilities in accordance with any specified accommodations and modifications.  AAIC also gives the same consideration to limited English speaking students.  Through diligence and collaboration, AAIC is committed to work with each school to enhance and promote successful academic achievement through the spirit of excellence.

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